H2X Challenger 19D



The H2X Challenger 19D has everything you could want from a swim spa. It has an outdoor 4-seater hot tub with comfortable ergonomic seats plus a huge swim zone. The Challenger 19D is all about a great swim experience, it begins with the 6 jet VIP system, it draws and drafts water from multiple points making for a stronger current coming out towards the swimmer. Plus, the Airless VIP jets produce pure water flow powered by 3 powerful pumps. Unlike most resistance swim spas that inject air through the jets, a pure water flow system creates a powerful, stable and consistent swim stream with little to no turbulence.

Key features

Hydrotherapy seat
Flow Stream Swim
amp / 230V
0 x


  • 587 x 239 x 153cm
  • Dry Weight = 1558kg
  • Full Weight = 10791kg
  • Litres: 10388L
  • Orion Lighting plus Waterline LED
  • 2x Pillows
  • EcoPur Filtration
  • Ozone Generator
  • Fusion Touch Sound System
  • Wi-Fi Module (optional)
  • Mast3rPur™ Water Management System
  • SoftTread™ Non-Slip Comfort Floor System
  • Balboa Control Pack and Touch Pad
  • 4 Hydrotherapy Seats
  • 1 Hydrotherapy Cove
  • 43 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 1 MasterBlaster™ Foot Jet
  • 6 Airless VIP swim Jets
  • Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
  • StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat
  • H2Xercise™ Fitness System included
  • 2x 32amp / 230V
  • 5x High Performance Pumps