H2X Trainer 12



The H2X Trainer 12 is the first model in the Trainer range. This range is aimed at high performance training with the VIP technology, you can swim or train against the 4 air injected jets. The VIP system changes the way the air moves through the jets so there is less turbulence and a more efficient flow of water. This fitness spa is a great size for family fun and resistance training, the large flat comfort floor system with nonslip SoftTread™ surface allows for a wide range of exercises to take place using the H2Xercise™ Fitness System which includes resistance bands, rowing kit, dumbells, fins and even an aqauatic workout book to give you some tips.

Key features

Hydrotherapy seat
Flow Stream Swim
amp / 230V
0 x


  • 366 x 239 x 130cm
  • Dry Weight = 869kg
  • Full Weight = 5999kg
  • Litres: 4713L
  • Colourscape
  • 2x Pillows
  • Ozone Generator
  • Fusion Touch Sound System
  • Waterline LED Lighting
  • Wi-Fi Module (optional)
  • SoftTread™ Non-Slip Comfort Floor System
  • Balboa Control Pack and Touch Pad
  • 3 Hydrotherapy Seats
  • 1 Hydrotherapy Cove
  • 50 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 4 VIP Air Injected Swim Jets Adjustable Speed
  • H2Xercise™ Fitness System included
  • 32amp / 230V
  • 1x 2 Speed High Performance Pump, 1x 1 speed High Performance Pump