MP Signature D



The Michael Phelps Signature D is a step up from the Force D as it is offering a much larger exercise and swimming zone. It is made for more than just stationary swimming, the MP Signature D combines the benefits of aquatic resistance training with hydrotherapy and relaxation. With specific design input from Michael Phelps himself, you can rest assured that the MP Signature D has been specifically designed to deliver the very best in resistance swim spas jet current. The Wave XP Propulsion System allows you to select the swim resistance level to suit your skill or fitness but also allows you to select different workout patterns from recovery swims to challenging interval training. At full speed you can achieve an astonishing stationary swim pace of sub-75s per 100m.  

Key features

Hydrotherapy seat
Flow Stream Swim
amp / 230V
0 x


  • 546 x 239 x 153cm
  • Dry Weight = 1268kg
  • Full Weight = 10295kg
  • Litres: 8612L
  • Orion Lighting plus Waterline LED
  • 2x Pillows
  • EcoPur Filtration
  • Ozone Generator
  • Fusion Touch Sound System
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • Mast3rPur™ Water Management System
  • SoftTread™ Non-Slip Comfort Floor System
  • Balboa Control Pack and Touch Pad
  • 3 Hydrotherapy Seats
  • 1 Hydrotherapy Cove
  • 39 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Wave XP Propellor Propulsion System
  • Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
  • StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat
  • H2Xercise™ Fitness System included
  • 2x 32amp / 230V
  • 2x High Performance Pumps