Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

A Step-by-Step Guide The days are getting longer, Spring is on its way! It’s time to prepare your hot tub or swim spa for those outdoor soak sessions. Whether you’ve been maintaining it throughout the winter or it’s been sitting idle, a little bit of TLC can go a long way in ensuring your relaxation […]

Steel Frame Revolution

Steel Frame Coastal Construction

In coastal construction, resilience is non-negotiable. As the founders of HD Developments, with a deep-rooted background in steel works, we understand the demands of building against the relentless forces of coastal elements. Our commitment to innovation and durability has led us to adopt a transformative approach: steel frame construction.  We think this Is a game-changer […]

Expand your Living Space with a Bespoke Garden Room

Bespoke garden room

In the quest for more room to live, work and play, a bespoke garden room is a versatile and economic solution. It’s the perfect way to extend your home without the hassle of a full-scale extension, whether you’re dreaming of a sunlit studio for your art, a serene home office, a garden bar for weekend […]