Expand your Living Space with a Bespoke Garden Room

In the quest for more room to live, work and play, a bespoke garden room is a versatile and economic solution. It’s the perfect way to extend your home without the hassle of a full-scale extension, whether you’re dreaming of a sunlit studio for your art, a serene home office, a garden bar for weekend relaxation, or a space to remove teenagers and children to!

The benefits of building a garden room:

Additional space: A garden room offers a sanctuary steps away from your main residence. It’s a multipurpose area that can adapt to your evolving lifestyle and needs.

Cost-effectiveness: When compared to traditional home extensions (which are escalating rapidly), garden rooms present a financially savvy alternative. They offer the added bonus of a shorter construction timeline. Plus they are portable so if you move there’s no reason you can’t pick up your garden room and take it with you! 

Property value: Adding a garden room is an investment that pays dividends, enhancing the appeal and market value of your property.

Bespoke garden room construction by HD Living Group:

Our garden rooms are completely bespoke, meaning we can design them for any purpose and to suit any budget. What’s more, they’re portable! Our unique garden room design features a steel frame base which means they can be made off-site and craned into position.

Our sustainable and economic construction techniques mean there’s no need for your garden room to have concrete foundations. By utilising a blend of 6×2″ and 4×2″ treated timber, our frames promise longevity and strength. This fusion of classic and contemporary techniques ensures your garden room stands the test of time.

A cozy retreat requires quality insulation; that’s why we employ house-grade foil-backed materials to keep your space snug and energy-efficient. Topped with professional roof coverings like felt, EPDM, or GRP, your garden room remains weatherproof and inviting through all seasons.

Personalisation lies at the heart of our garden rooms. Choose from an array of high-quality French, Sliding, or Bi-Fold doors to add that personal touch to your space. Our windows and doors are not just fixtures but statements of quality, designed to bathe your room in natural light and provide unyielding durability.

Why Autumn is the perfect time to start:

Our garden rooms can take as little as two weeks to construct and complete from sign-off of the design. Initiating the project now ensures your space is ready for winter, providing a cozy hideaway or a festive entertainment spot.

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