Bay House – Luxury Waterfront Property Development Early Stages

We’ve recently poured the footings for Bay House, a luxurious waterfront property on the beachfront at Bracklesham Bay.  When completed in 2025 the property will give the residents breathtaking views of the sea and surroundings.

luxury waterfront property

Design: Vivid Architecture, Oxford

Construction Highlights:

Caltite Concrete Product: Our construction approach includes the use of Caltite concrete, a revolutionary waterproof concrete system. Caltite is an additive that makes the concrete completely waterproof, providing unparalleled protection against water intrusion. This innovative technology ensures the longevity and durability of the property, even in the face of challenging coastal conditions.

Flood-Proofing: To address the potential risk of flooding in the coastal area, flood gates are being installed at the front of the property. These flood gates will provide an additional layer of protection, assuring the safety and security of the property’s occupants.

Elevation Considerations: The project design adheres to strict elevation standards, ensuring no habitable space is located below 4.9 meters above sea level. This elevation strategy minimises the risk of water intrusion and ensures the property’s resilience to rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

The ground floor will contain a sauna, yoga studio, storage space, wine cellar and the plant room, leaving all habitable rooms and spaces on the first and second floors. 

We will provide regular updates on the progress of the project, highlighting key milestones, construction achievements, and the unfolding transformation into a masterpiece of coastal luxury living.

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